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Eloísa Florido Navarro  


2018 / 2021 training in work on the clay field

2015 study trip (Mongolia)

2015 Training in the painting game and the formulation with Arno Stern in Paris 

2012 Intensive training in art therapy at IEK in Berlin

Since 2008 studio in Lörrach

2008 Art seminar at the Reichenhall Academy 

Since 2006 member of the Kunstverein VBK Lörrach

2006 / 2007 study trips (southern Algeria)

2005 Art seminar at the Federal Academy for Cultural Education in Wolfenbüttel 

2004 - 2006 art seminars at the Reichenhall Academy

2000 - 2003 Studies at the New Art School in Zurich

1978 - 1984 Psychology studies at the University of Seville



solo exhibitions

2022  Night of the open studios in Lörrach, annually since 2011

2018  Moments, Gallery So Gung, Basel (CH) 

2012  Memories of Africa, Villa Aichele, Lörrach

2007 Approach, Vogtshaus, Steinen

          Get in touch, Business Solution Group TI, Zurich (CH)

2005 From Alienation to Abstraction, Old School, Efringen Kirchen

2002 Painting, gallery in the town hall, Kandern

           Painting, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel (CH)


Group exhibitions (selection)


2022 Begegnungen-Ausstellung zwei Kunstvereine Meeren und Lörrach, Lörrach   2021  10. Pop Up Gallery Lörrach

           What counts, Dreiländermuseum, Lörrach

2020 9. Pop Up Gallery Lörrach 

2018  Cabo de Gata, Atelier Richard W. Allgaier, Bad Waldsee

           Landscapes, Villa Berberich, Bad Säckingen

2017  Kunstauktion Help to help, Volksbank, Lörrach, annually since 2010

2016  Abundance and wealth, Museum am Burghof, Lörrach

           Inspirationen, Culture Night Lörrach/Weil am Rhein

           Second Grand Salon, Villa Berberich, Bad Säckingen

2015  Beyond the district, Rheinfelden town hall

2014  10 squared, Museum am Burghof, Lörrach

2012  Rendez vous Sens-Lörrach, Orangery des Musées, Sens (F)

          The white night, Castle Park Centre, Cheshire (UK)

          Picture of the picture, Museum am Burghof, Lörrach

2011   City Hotel, Loerrach

2010  RegioArt 6, Regio Messe, Lörrach

2009 RegioArt 5, Regio Messe Lörrach

2008 Art-tapé, Loeba Treuhand GmbH, Lörrach

           24 ArtVent, Old Town Hall Gallery, Inzlingen


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