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The work on the clay field was developed by Prof. Deuser in the 1970s. It is used to support the development of children, young people and adults. 

The clay field is a flat wooden box - 38 x 42 x 3 cm - lined with clay. This is soft enough to accommodate fingers and hands and firm enough to be malleable. Next to it is a container with water. The limited field gives the hands support, the surface free space. The clay field invites you to touch, try and grasp. It allows design and transformation. The clay field therapist accompanies the sensorimotor design process and helps to perceive and convey the course of the process in its gestures and statements. 

There are good experiences with children with developmental delays, school and learning disabilities, concentration disorders, behavioral problems, lack of social skills, difficult life situations etc.

This work on the tone field is suitable for adults in crisis situations or mental distress, when they are looking for new inner and outer orientation. 

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